We Are Global And Have Helped Clients Worldwide

Our main business is Equine Insemination with Frozen semen, we are present in European Market and We know the needs and the reproduction trends of the “CUTTING”, “REINING” and “REINED COW HORSE” industry. We are a business company that knows where the offer (stallion), meets the demand (breeders).

IN FOAL PARNTNERS was created through an idea between two friends who just happen to love the western world, especially the USA. Our mission is to place the highest number of European breeders in a condition to use the best or the most popular bloodlines possible from the USA. This means that we are not only working with big named stallions in the reigning-cutting industry but also “future stars”. In other words young stallions with exceptional pedigrees and proven show records at the beginning of their sire’s career.

The advantage of this strategy is for the owner of the USA stallion that he has a specific advertising program and in doing so European breeders can use the best genetics available overseas. Our goal is to provide European breeders with an easy and accessible way to contact the American stallion owner and provide them with the service they need to achieve optimal breeding results. We help find the best clinic with the most experience in frozen semen transport, this is the future and it really is the right choice for our mares!

The stallions accepted in our program are chosen after certain requirements are met, including body conformation, genetics, and Cash winnings. We want the right qualities but not too much so we have a good group of Stallions to promote and advertise. We also have a genetics service available to advise you in making the best choice for your mare. They will inform you about the best crossbreed for each bloodline. We prepare all the paperwork for the stallion owner and the broodmare’s owner for FREE!